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Welcome to Home of Sliverware

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Welcome to Home of Sliverware

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France Skylight International Limited was established on Aug of year 2010, with first product line of silverware gifts. Our market at then was focus on half domestic and half overseas. Due to fast expansion and rapid growth of E-commerce, which is our main sales channel, we have entirely enlarged our company scale and become local active E-commerce leading entrepreneur since year 2014. Our company could be found at lots of famous Electrical business events. Starting from June of 2017, we set up a new line of advertising product, items range from light box, LED writing board to Bottle display, and so on. After continuous development, Skylight now owns full production line of silverware and various lines promotional advertising products by shares.

At the time when our company was first created, we were looking to run a long-lasting while simple, approachable while decent brand. It suddenly occurred to our mind that light is necessities for every one of us, something we cannot be lack of on every day of our life.

While sky is spacious, which is the same as our vision, hoping for a reach to worldwide and cosmopolitan business. Why not adding up these two words together, SKYLIGHT, a word easy to remember but shares the meaning of both. That’s how our name came through and been carried forward till now.


23 years + production experience

Flexible Customization

Rich Experience of Big Brand Cooperation

Perfect Realization of needs from Client to Production End

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