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What to Consider When Choose Silver Plated Jewelry Box for Wedding

silver gift items for wedding
  I f you are a close friend of a bride, a delicate silver plated jewelry box is a fine and practical gift for her. A well-chosen jewelry box is not only the best friend of jewelry but also a nice decoration of the new couple’s bedroom, which can also be memorized for a long time.

  How to choose a suitable jewelry box?

1.Elegant appearance.

As for a jewelry box, the appearance is very important. For most girls, the beautiful and unique design comes before the function.


2. Material of the jewelry box.

Usually the material of silver gift items is zinc-alloy with silver plating, which is common used in silver wedding gifts , such as silver plated champagne glasses, silver plated candlesticks, cake server set and so on. A silver plated jewelry box is as shine as silver, and the price is affordable to most people.


3. Pay more attention to the size of the jewelry box.

Considering the size and what jewelry to keep before you choose a jewelry box. Do you want to keep your ear rings, necklace or all of your precious jewelries. It goes the same when you are choosing a jewelry box for your friends.

  Now, you already have some basic rules in your mind, come on and look through my recommendation list to see if there is any jewelry box suitable for her!

Jewelry Box with Foam Insert

Clamshell Metal Wedding Favor.

If you don't know what shape of jewelry box to choose, it will never be a mistake to pick a round one. I believe this elegant and exquisite design metal gift trinket box will be a wonderful wedding favors and gifts her.
butterfly personalized jewelry boxes

Crystal Flowers and Butterfly Personalized Jewelry Boxes

The design of this jewelry is quite unique. This butterfly personalized jewelry boxes perfectly matches a stylish Butterfly Bliss wedding collection. Believe me, the bride must can’t wait to store her beloved jewelry in it.
jewelry box with golden bow-knot

Silver Square Jewelry Box with Golden Bow-Knot

Bow-Knot is a very common decoration for girls stuff. In traditional Chinese culture, butterfly sounds similar to blessing, maybe this is one of the reason why it remain to the modern society. You will never lose your precious treasures in this Silver Square Jewelry Box, with the bless of traditional bow-knot.
trinket box with crystals

Metal Heart Shaped Trinket Box with Crystals

Attractive silver plated heart shaped trinket box with crystals is the perfect present for newly bride, a special gift which can be used to keep weddings rings safe. This design is very simple and elegant, which suitable for girls who prefer a concise and functional gift.
engraved pattern jewelry box

Pentagon Shaped Engraved Pattern Jewelry Box

This stunning pentagon shaped jewelry box with pattern engraved is so retro and can easily bring people back to the acients. This jewelry box will be a nice gift if it is suitable with the whole decoration of the bride’s dressing table.
  Don’t hesitate and choose your favorite silver jewelry box. For more styles and information, please click me.