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How to Choose Silverware

Are you tired of buying flatware that is practically disposable? Wouldn't you love to have a set of silverware that would last for 20 years or more? Looking at all the different brands and styles can be intimidating. Which one should you choose? Your choice will seem easier if you follow these steps....


How to Set Silverware for Different Occasions

Table settings can come in many designs and levels of formality. We generally don't use our best china for breakfast, or serve our guests on paper plates. While these differences are fairly obvious, how to set the silverware can get a bit more tricky. Whether you're having your own dinner party, or are curious about those formal setups at elegant restaurants, read on for tips on how to set silverware for different occasions....


The Value of Silver Plate Silverware

Silver-plated items are usually worth less than those made of sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver, whereas silver-plated items have a thin layer of silver on top of another material, such as copper or nickel. Silver plating is a technique that dates back hundreds of year. That means that early versions of some plated silverware can reach relatively high prices....


Type of Champagne Glasses

Sipping champagne, sparkling wine or crement out of a glass designed specifically to enhance its taste is essential to the total champagne experience. An expensive bottle of champagne deserves having its flavors and essence delivered in the vessel that produces the experience that champagne is meant to evoke....