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Give Something Creative with Help from France Skylight
July 11, 2015

Personalize Your Own Wedding with Flute and Server Set

Personalize Your Own Wedding

  A dd a romantic touch to your reception with the glitter silverware set. Let’s start to personalize your own wedding.

  The bridal party table at a romantic wedding must have a plenty beautifully thoughtful details, including the fresh flowers and just-for-couple champagne flute and server set sure to be used on every anniversary and the most special moments in between.

  Touches of sparkle and glamour create the perfect wedding for the elegant bride. All the crystals in the world won’t make a bride elegant which it is the way she carries that sparkle.

Champagne Flute

  Nothing glimmers more than the champagne flute . The incredibly romantic glassware feature a raised various different design, which can be personalized with your custom wedding logo or any other.

Cake Knife Set

  Add the perfect touch of sparkle to your reception with the elegant silver plated cake knife and server set from Skylight . Design to dazzle, the beautiful set with its unique design handle is a wonderful keepsake of your special and important day!

Let’s do your personalized champagne glass and cake server set for your customers!